my day in one word 01.14.12 Saturday.

Attuned to the Saturday energy today — relaxed morning, then house cleaning and shopping. And all day it felt like Saturday. Do you know what I mean? It’s kind of like having a birthday that doesn’t feel like a birthday. My schedule is fairly flexible and I can clean house and shop any day of the week and there are many days when all of us are home at the same time, but those random days lack the Saturday energy. And then there are even some Saturdays that just don’t feel like Saturdays. But this time Saturday felt just like Saturday.

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my day in one word 01.13.12 edge.

Whenever I drive with the gas warning light on, sample an unwashed grape at the supermarket, drink tap water, eat a fast food fry or perform some similar daring feat, teen boy commends me for living on the edge. He amuses himself with this notion for most of the day. “Wow, there you go again with more living on the edge,” he’ll say.

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my day in one word 01.12.12 new.

New year. New ideas. And new look — thanks to her.

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my day in one word 01.11.12 wall.

It’s a memory I’ve returned to many times. My second boy was nearly 2 and seemed to be born thinking deep thoughts. One night we were laying on his bed after ready a story and he was gazing intently at the wall. Much time passed, so much time that I actually began to fidget. He was already very articulate, so it occurred to me this was the perfect opportunity to unlock his thoughts and discover what was in the mind of my great thinker.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked while bracing myself for a solution to some previously unsolved mystery of the universe and wishing I had something to write on.

“The wall,” he said, still not looking at me.

“The wall?” Seriously?

“The wall. I’m thinking about the wall,” he confirmed.

I’ve had many days since where I wished I could look at the wall and see only the wall — metaphorically speaking, I often see everything but the wall. Today was one of those days.

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my day in one word 01.10.12 annoyed.

Annoyed with the driver who continued to honk at me because I wouldn’t turn left at the intersection while school kids were crossing the street. And I mean really annoyed — like a series of expletives that both shocked and entertained my daughter in the backseat kind of annoyed. Then annoyed with a situation at my son’s school where it really is just a matter of the adults paying attention. Annoyed at myself for being annoyed. Why do I let certain things get to me? Then remembered compassion and tried not to be annoyed with myself for forgetting about it because I don’t think the compassion was lost — just buried under all that annoyance.

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my day in one word 01.09.12 dinner.

two carnivores

two mostly vegetarians who eat fish and eggs once or twice a month

two celiacs (no gluten)

one allergic to wheat

one with dairy intolerance

So, yes, there are days when a lot of what creeps into my thoughts while creating, while meditating, while mothering is what to fix for dinner. But how many women throughout the world think this very thing every day? For most the request isn’t that complicated, any food will do. That’s why I’m happy to make Wishing Circles. Dinner for everyone, that’s the idea.



growing a pink pegasus

my day in one word 01.08.12 story.

How much of my story is mine? Have I been living someone else’s idea of what my story is? Do I write because my 6th grade language arts teacher made a big deal about my writing? Do I do anything I do because I think I should do it, because I think other people are expecting it, or because I’m following my heart? What’s the real story here? Am I a combination of stories? My life: the anthology, a growing collection.

And am I guilty of setting up an inauthentic story for my kids to fulfill? Do I push them into what I think they’re good at or do I let them find their own way? Where’s the balance?

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my day in one word 01.07.12 birds.

There were birds everywhere this morning — robins, doves, cardinals, and four or five other varieties I’m not expert enough to identify. Our suburban backyard sounded like the forest. I don’t know if they were excited about the warmer than usual weather or if was the water I added to the birdbath and the steel cut oats I scattered on the ground. Ours seemed to be the only backyard that interested them. And they were welcome visitors, even if they did mark my car. Total bird lover, smiling about the unexpected birds’ visit all day. Still smiling.


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found heart -- orange peel

my day in one word 01.06.12 little.

It is the little things that have made me happy today — finding blackberries for 99 cents a pint (hello cobbler, hello green smoothies), discovering one of my favorite wines in the clearance bin, knitting these mittens for my girl, taking an actual lunch break and watching (while knitting, of course) a fairly short film (based on her novel) that was realistic and just what I needed today. And I could go on because little things tend to grow once we start thinking about them.

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my day in one word 01.05.12 community.

Must say that when I think of community I don’t generally think of it in terms of the community health center, which is were we spent a good portion of the day because we need a doctor’s note as proof to our school community that we aren’t faking this stomach bug.  When I picture community in my mind, I see a big, happy block party – a potluck. I’ll bring the pie.

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